Vast Selection of Green Products Available for Cleaning, Disposables, and More!

Going Green

Foley Distributing is committed to being a responsible steward of Vermont’s natural resources. As an Environmental Partner, our policy is to seek environmental quality improvements throughout our business operations. We believe it is our obligation to help prevent pollution while meeting our business objectives.

Foley Distributing actively strives to maintain the “Environmental Partner” standards promoted by the Vermont Small Business Development Center and the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources. We are committed to environmental excellence and are proud to serve as an example for other businesses and the community.


We Offer a Variety of Environmentally Responsible Products


Our Closed Loop Site

Our certified Closed Loop Recycling System collects and securely shreds any paper documents you need to dispose of, processes the shredded material into new paper products, and delivers them right back to you for reuse. Closed loop recycling is a great way to securely dispose of confidential company documents, while reducing your company’s carbon footprint. It’s a win-win!

The Power of Three: Achieving Your Sustainability Plan

Enjoy a certified closed loop recycling system that collects and shreds your confidential paper, processes it into new paper products, and delivers it to your door to be used again.


Our Service Area

We conveniently have next day pickup and delivery available to any business in our service area. We service all of Northern New England, including Vermont, Upstate New York, New Hampshire, and Northern Massachusetts.

Located in Rutland, Vermont, we pride ourselves on being a New England business, and we would love the opportunity to take care of all of your closed loop recycling needs.


About Foley Distributing

Foley Distributing has provided solutions above and beyond our customers’ expectations for over 130 years. With environment awareness at the forefront of our company operations, Foley has shaped it’s company values around its people, its customers, and its ecological impact.

The Foley Family of Companies strives to bring value as your distributor by maximizing the profitability and productivity for every customer we touch.