US Products Agitator 20® Self-Contained Carpet Extractor


  • An 80' flexible direct hook-up hose that provides hot water, chemical injection, and automatic removal of wastewater self-contained carpet extractor.
  • 20" cleaning path
  • Vacuum motor: 3-stage, 137" water lift
  • Agitator motor: 1/10 hp, 1000 rpm
Alternate #AG20
  • Specifications


  • Durable body with lifetime warranty
  • Increased productivity with no tanks to fill, empty, or clean
  • Convenient and easy to setup and use
  • Hot water cleans more effectively and faster
  • Nylon loop agitator cleans better than traditional brushes, it is gentler on carpet fibers and is self cleaning
  • Automatic de-foamer breaks down foam for continuous operation
  • Powerful 3-stage vacuum is inches away from the vacuum shoe dramatically improving water recovery and dry times
  • Easy to transport and load
  • Low moisture design maintains hot water flow and dramatically improves dry time
  • Easy to manage hose allows for convenient direct water hookup, chemical injection, and recovery water dumping, improving productivity. Can be double in size from 80' to 160' by connecting two hoses together.
  • Optional in-line, automatic chemical feed kit available.


  • Roto Molded Body: Lifetime warranty
  • Fill, Dump, Power Cord Hose: 80'
  • Water Flow: 1 gpm
  • Dump Pump: 5.5 gpm
  • Water Pressure: 50/80 psi
  • Electrical: 120V 12/3
  • Transport: 4" non-marking wheels
  • Dimensions: 33" H x 36" L x 20.5" W
  • Weight: 45 lbs.