Pitt Plastics Linear Low Density Isolation Bags

Color coded, printed bags, red for infectious waste, yellow for infectious linen and blue for non-contagious Linen management. Our printed Stock Isolation Bags are imprinted with English and Spanish to help ensure complete understanding for safety and proper use. Our Linear Low Isolation bags start with top quality resins and are carefully constructed to provide greater film strength. This added film strength yields a bag with superior puncture and tear resistance. Leak-resistant star seal.


Pitt Low Density Isolation - 24 x 24, 1.2 mil, Red

24 x 24, Red, 1.2 mil, 250/cs
Alternate #G2400R

Pitt Low Density Isolation - 33 x 40, 1.2 mil, Red

33 x 40, Red, 1.2 mil, 100/cs
Alternate #G3900R