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Misc. Cleaning Supplies


Diversey Wood Care Small T-Bar Applicator Pad - 18"

Pad for applying a smooth and even layer of finish.  ea
Alternate #99041

ETC Gator® Stripping Shoes - Large

Available in sizes extra small to giant. Waterproof overshoes designed to reduce the risk of slipping when stripping floors. Has a gripper sole to firmly hold a pair of Gatorbacks®. Use as kick pads to strip tough spots.  ea
Alternate #9303

Impact® Replacement Bottle w/Tether & Caps For Mopster™

For The Mopster™ Microfiber Bucketless Mopping System. Translucent.  ea
Alternate #LBH18B

Impact® The Mopster™ Microfiber Bucketless Mop System

Complete system includes 16" frame, 32 oz. bottle, disposable microfiber pad, and 54" handle. Lightweight and modular.  ea
Alternate #LBH18