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Plastic Bowls & Dessert Dishes


Dart® PresentaBowls Pro™ Black Square Bowls & Lids

The crystal-like design and superior look creates an upscale presentation for your food. The large variety of sizes allows for more versatility, ideal for a range of uses including deli, bakery, produce, and specialty items. The bowl base is microwaveable allowing for hot and cold food applications, leading to increased efficiency and reduced inventory. Two domed lids fit seven different sizes, and are available in either PET or PP.
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Dart® FamouService® Impact Plastic Bowls

Add elegance to any meal with Dart Famous Service impact plastic dinnerware. The china-like finish and sturdy construction enhances food presentation, while the nonabsorbent, cut-resistant surface keeps sauces from soaking through. Decorative, yet functional, the rim design offers a sophisticated accent, while providing easy separation.
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Dart® PresentaBowls™ OPS Clear Bowls & Lids

Crystal clarity allows for easy product identification, while the elegant design creates an upscale presentation. Ideal for a variety of uses including deli, bakery, produce, and specialty items. Lids create a leak-resistant seal. Lids are stackable for stable multi-level merchandising.
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Fabri-Kal® indulge™ Dessert Containers

These stylish containers feature a unique swirl pattern to showcase frosty treats such as ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt and sorbet. They can make other confections more festive, too, from mousse and parfaits to fruit salads and brownies. Versatile size options with a common lid fit mean added convenience and plenty of room to pile on toppings. Made entirely from PETE, with at least 20% post-consumer recycled material. Crystal clear for complete product visibility. Made in the U.S.A. Complies with FDA requirements for food contact.
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